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Accounting, Auditing and Tax Services

Solve Most Complicated Works

Why do you need accounting, auditing and tax services?

Limited companies in Hong Kong will receive the profits tax return issued by the Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”)  every year and must submit the audit report and tax return to the IRD within the time limit. Generally, the first profits tax return will be issued within 18 months from incorporation and must be filed within 3 months. If a business fills in the wrong information or omits individual items on the tax return, or submits the tax return late, it may be in breach of tax regulations and the business may be prosecuted and fined by the IRD.

Follow up by professional CPA

Let chartered accountants follow accounting principles for your bookkeeping and tax calculations. Startup Army focus on innovative technology and use the cloud accounting system Xero to handle accounting.
As a Xero partner, Startup Army has extensive experience in corporate accounting.

Simple Accounting

It's easier than ever for us to reimburse your company overhead expenses. You only need to use our cloud billing software to complete billing, saving you valuable time.

Hassle-free tax preparation and financial advisory services

We'll make sure your company is compliant year-round, complete all tax filings on time, and make sure all your questions are answered.

Tax Filling Process

Company regular accounting

Hire a CPA to prepare audit report

Filing of profits tax returns

Pay profits tax

Flexible accounting service according to your needs

Fees are prepaid annually and the plan covers one fiscal year (not a calendar year).

  • 25,000 EXP

  • 50,000 EXP

  • 200,000 EXP

  • 400,000 EXp

  • 700,000 exp

  • >700,000 EXP

Handle expenses up to HK$25,000 per month

HK$500 per month

– Provide new customer training
– monthly bookkeeping
– Prepare unaudited financial statements
– Xero (single currency)
– Monthly management reports

Additional Services

Multi-Currency Support Upgrade Service: HKD 1,200/Fiscal Year

Audit Services/Tax Filing Services

We, in accordance with Hong Kong laws and other relevant reporting codes, conduct audit work and issue audit reports, and explain the company's operating results and financial status to the company's shareholders by experienced Certified Public Accountants.

According to customer needs, we also conduct targeted audits, remind customers of weaknesses in control management, and propose improvement suggestions to customers.

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